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What is 1app Crowdfund?

1app Crowdfund is a great way for you to build your wealth with 1app and also share part of our profits. We have devised a simple way where you can buy investment slots and earn massive return on your investment over a selected period of time.

Here is a practical example, if you purchase the 20,000 Naira slot at 5% interest rate for 6 months, you get 5% of the invested amount(20,000 Naira) at the end of 6 months. You can buy multiple slots to get even more returns.

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1app crowdfund

Why 1app Crowd Fund?

"Wealthy people invest first and spend what’s left, while broke people spend first and invest what’s left."

Easy to Manage

Getting started with the 1app crowd fund is easy. Already 1app member, simply login to your account. New to 1app, create free account.

Simple Wallet Funding

Fund your 1app dedicated bank account with card or bank transfer and get your wallet funded instantly.

Safe & Secure

With 1app, your crowd fund investments and sponsorship placement is safe and secure with a modern technological tools

Manage Growth

Access all your sponsorships, payments and investments growth conveniently from your dashboard.

Instant Payout

Get instant payout upon funding maturity with our automated payment sytem

24/7 Online Support

We are proud to provide you with the best & the fastest customer support.

How it works

Grow your money and keep a steady cash flow with 1app.

Fund Wallet

Deposit funds directly to your 1app dedicated account wallet via card or bank transfer

Choose Sponsorship

Click the Crowd Fund button to fund your sponsorship with the money in your wallet. Choose your preferred investment package and invest.

Instant Payout

Once your investment is matured, payout is available for instant cashout.